Small Boy Killed Granny after Playing Video Game: US

8 Year old boy killed granny ‘Caregiver’ who is 87 year old. Small boy shot dead the granny with a gun while playing violent video game.

In this game, points are awarded for killing people. Little boy was playing this violent video game with a intention of killing people. But unfortunately, he killed the granny named ‘Marie Smothers‘ (87) at home in Louisiana US.

Small Boy Killed Granny after Playing Video Game: US

Grand Theft Auto IV Video Game Scene

Old granny was watching television where the boy was playing Grand Theft Auto IV – a most violent video game. Small boy took a gun from his home and killed the granny, pointing granny’s head. Granny died at the spot miserably.

In the investigation small boy said that unexpectedly bullet came from the gun. But, on further investigation it is came to known that the boy has killed the granny intentionally as he was completely drowned in playing violent video game often.

According to the rule of Louisiana, there will not punishment to the children under 10 years. So, 8- old small boy will not be sentenced to any punishment.

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