Sparrow: Little Beauty of World

The beauty of the world is nature and the living things that survive on the shadow of the nature are decreasing nowadays, due to the carelessness of human being the, nature is losing its beauty symbols day by day. The sparrow one of the nature’s beauty is now decreasing in number not only in agriculture country India, but also all over the world. It was known as home bird.

To give awareness among the public March 20 is celebrated as world sparrow day. This day is celebrated from 2010 March. From sangam literature to Hikoo poem sparrow played a special role. Now it is seen only in the school books of children, alleging social activists.

Life of sparrow, sparrow diminishing every were
Reasons for Diminishing

Main reasons for diminishing of sparrow.

Radiation from Cell phone Tower

The pesticide used in the agriculture land

Village turning as town

Increase of concrete buildings

Sound pollution and various other reasons are there.

Delhi Government by understanding the circumstances, announced sparrow as the state bird. Some reports reveal that there is no danger by cell phone towers. In Coimbatore. Nilagiri, Krishnagiri and some other parts of Tamil Nadu some social organization are trying to by save sparrow ethnic by offering artificial nest.

The bird that wants to live with human being spends its life by building nest inside the home niche, loft, and space in the flakes. As the concrete building is becoming more the sparrow started leaving from town.

Lack of grains

The usage of small grains like Bajra, ragi, maize, terrain and Sami has been reduced.

The domination of pesticide in rice cultivation is the reasons for decrease of sparrow,

Effects from cell phone towers

Lack of trees in cities as there has high growth of residential buildings

Lack of small grains is said as the main reason for its diminishing. The Nature agricultural scientists said encouraging natural farming is not only good for sparrow it also good for human life.

Steps taken by social activists

The people have to get knowledge about the sparrow decrease and they have to take steps to retain sparrow ethnic in the world. It has to be saved by keeping nest at homes, said environmental activists. Many Voluntary organizations started their work to save the racial, if public also joined hands with those organizations it can be succeeded easily. The technology of men is not only spoiling nature but also abolishing combined species of it. In a village near Dharmapuri District thousands of sparrows lived now it was decreased very much.

Every morning sparrow sounds pleasantly. But now seeing the bird becomes a big wonder. Destruction of the birds not only affects the food cycle, it indicates that chances are lessen for living things to survive in the earth.

Contribution of a Villagers

About 5000 members living in Kothakondapalli village near oosur had taken steps to preserve the sparrow ethnic, cage made by paper sheets are kept in every houses of the village and now sparrow is increased as more than 10000 in and around the village. Growing sparrow is giving more pleasure, said the village people. Following those villagers, if steps are taken by all of us sparrows ethnic will be saved. The Villagers done it according to the advice of a Voluntary Organization.

Report of World Health Organisation

The research conducted in India and other foreign countries proved that radiation from the cell phone towers is the main cause for the decrease of sparrows. The world health organization issued a report that human life will be affected by the cell phone radiation. The research conducted in some parts of India like Bhopal, Nagpur, Gwalior, etc. The final result arrived was decrease of sparrows in the earth is mainly due to radiation from the cell phone tower.

The research crew advised the Government not to give permission for setting cell phone towers near the Wildlife Sanctuaries. According to the suggestions of Forest department cell phone towers should be set. To control over radiation, permission should not be granted to set cell phone towers within one Kilometer interval.

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