Special buses for Diwali – To and Fro

The public will be able to travel hassle free to their native places this Diwali. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha has ordered the State Transport Corporation to have special buses functioning on occasion of Diwali.Diwali special buses in Tamil Nadu

The Government has announced that special buses will be functioning between Koyambedu and all District Capitals and major towns of the state for Diwali. Starting from 29.10.2013 with 700 special buses, 1000 on 30.10.2013, 1200 on 31.10.2013, and 1400 on 1.11.2013 the number of special buses would sum up to 4300 between 29.10.2013 and 1.11.2013.

Apart from Chennai there will be 634 special buses on 29.10.2013, 950 on 30.10.2013, 1256 on 30.10.2013, and 1210 on 1.11.2013 which would sum up to 4050 special buses functioning throughout the state.

Overall there would be 8350 special buses functioning in Tamil Nadu between 29.10.2013 and 1.11.2013

The Government has also announced that, for the public to return, there would be the same number of special buses functioning from 2.11.2013 to 5.11.2013.

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