Special Documentary on War crime of Srilanka: Pudiyathalaimurai TV

A Documentary “inaveril erraiyana illantalirkall” is released by the Puthiyathalaimurai TV on war crime of Srilanka. Though the International Law talks more about killing of war prisoners and sexual assault of women during the war time, children stage at the war period was not yet analyzed by anybody in the world.

The war prisoners were shot by Srilankan Military men cruelly. With banded eyes, hands bound behind, the man without clothes was pushed back and shot by srilankan Military. Hundreds of men were shot to death in the war. The record related to those crimes is received by Puthiya thalaimurai from World Tamil association of London.

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The documentary shows about the cruel killing of young man by Srilankan Military, in between a small boy who was sitting with the young men in first photo and was dead in the next photo. The photos and documentaries received from the association are thoroughly verified with Forensic Department by Puthiya Thalaimurai. Chandrasekar who worked in State Forensic Department for 22 years and helped in finding many crimes in the state researched and reported it in detail. He said that the photo’s proved the death of the boy. Before Prabakarn’s son Balachandiran photo’s and now records got by Puthiya Thalaimurai enlighten the next form of war to the world.

The Srilankan Government thought that, no documents is there to prove the war crimes of the Srilanka. However the Video shot by them as a mark of victory now becoming record to prove crimes of Srilanka.
The fact known from the video is, the photos and videos are taken by the same person who done the brutal, by handling pistol in one hand and Mobile in other hand.

Not only death rate of children, information about missing children was also not stated in UN report but it praising the Srilankan Government for its rehabilitation works to children’s. The Video’s of Balachandiran and new records got by Pudthiyathalaimurai proved children’s situation in Srilanka. The unnecessary reason said by Srilanka that, those children are trapped and dead in war is neglected by the proofs. Not only two children seen in video, hundreds of children missed during the war time.

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