Special Trains For Summer Vacation

The southern Railways announced special trains for summer vacation. According to this Kovai Super fast train will be operated every Tuesday from 16th April to 18th June from Kovai. The same train will be operated from Chennai every Wednesday of the week from 17th April to 19th June.

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Trains between Chennai and Thuthukudi functions on 18th day of April and 2nd, 16th and 30th days of May and on 13th June from Chennai to Thuthukudi. The same train will be functioned on April 19, May 3, 17 and 31 and on June 14 from Thuthukudi to Chennai.

The special trains between Chennai and Rameshwaram will be operated on 25th of April , 9th, 23rd of May and 20th of June. The Special train that is operated every week between Chennai and Thirunelveli will be operated from Thirunelveli from April 11 to June 13 every Thursday.

The AC Superfast train between Chennai and Thirunelveli are operated from April 14 to May 5 from Chennai to Thirunelveli on Sundays and from Thirunelveli to Chennai every Mondays.

The train that starts from Chennai Egmore and arrive at Nagarkovil will be operated on every Sundays from April 7 to June 23. The train starts from Nagarkoil to Chennai on every Monday. From April 12 to June 14, the AC coach to Kochiveli start from Chennai every Friday.

The Southern Railways informed that the Special train to Goa is functioning from May 5 to June 10 every Monday starts from Chennai. Ernakulam Superfast will be operated from April 11 to June 13 every week.

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