Spot Fixing Related Investigation Report Submitted to BCCI

Spot fixing related investigation report submitted to BCCI

Participation of Rajasthan Royals team in spot fixing at IPL game, interim report is submitted to BCCI. The report is prepared on the basis of enquiry report submitted by Delhi and Mumbai Police Persons. In 6th match of IPL Ajith Sandila, Angeth Sawan and Sri Santh who played for Rajasthan Royals were arrested in the spot fixing issue last month and enquiry was going on, in the Court. Meanwhile, BCCI had chosen former IPS Officer R.N.Shawani to conduct enquiry to find whether they engaged in spot fixing or not. Three bookies were under the Court custody and the enquiry report was submitted without doing any investigation with the bookies. Delhi police given some information for finalizing the statement a report reveals

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