Sri Lanka Regret for Mervin Silva’s Marriage Statement to Navi

Past few days back, Sri Lankan rowdy minister Mervin Silva leaved a open statement that He is ready to marry Navi Pillai. Sri Lankan government delivered apology to Navi Pillai for arrogant Mervin Silva marriage statement.

Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillai currently in the Sri Lankan country for 7 days official visit with her team. In this time, Sri Lankan rowdy politician told in a rubbish manner that he wants to marry Navi Pillay.

Sri Lanka Regret for Mervin Silva's Marriage Statement to Navi

UN officers showed this video to Navi Pillai. Seeing this, he exhibited severe anger. Regarding this issue, she expressed strong dissatisfaction with the Sri Lanka.

Following this event, last Thursday evening meeting took place at the Hilton Hotel. In this meeting, Sri Lankan country’s senior minister Nimal Siripala told apology to Navi Pillai for Mervin Silva’s arrogant marriage statement.

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