Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields by Channel 4 News

The most worst happening ever happened in this century by the mankind to the humanity is here. What if we were blind, deaf and dumb without seeing around what is happening? Without hearing your neighbor’s cry? Not speaking out for your brothers and sisters? Here it is! The world was silent when the genocide took place in Sri Lanka and hundreds of thousands of tortures, rapes and killings were/are taking place.

Thanks a million to the Channel 4 News for having the guts and for having taken the responsibility to bring out a human tragedy which the whole world neglected to speak about.

Can this video be a key to bring solution to this ongoing genocidal activities and tasks undertaken by the Sri Lankan government? Its a call to the global community to extend your hands to help the fellow lives on this planet for peaceful life at least to their future generation.

The Tamil people are struggling to get their home nation back from the hands of Sinhalase. For about 60 years they have fought by all means which started with non-violence means for 30-years time later with non-stop atrocities Tamil were forced to arm themselves protecting their lives. Now, the armed struggled has ended by the great bloody massacre done by the Government of Srilanka.

This evidence is a just a piece of stone from Himalaya where untold happenings are still continued and most of them were done without evidence.

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One Reply to “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields by Channel 4 News”

  1. Fatima says:

    You should not shock to hear that LTTE as a tesrirort group because they are tesrirort. I want to say that you are covered with a myth. They are not reprsentatives off tamil people. LTTE is destroying all young life and young tamil generation by doing this war. They force children to join this war(I have practical experiences). All people suffer not because of government but of LLTE. Because of this tesrirort, lost so many valuable tamil and sinhala life. Prebakaran only think about his power. Can you guarante if prebakaran win this he won,t use his wepons to dominate people. At north east more than 300 000 sinhala and muslim people were displaced and their lands are occupied by LTTE. They have killed so many innocent sinhala and muslim people. Onnce near welikanda, LTTE killed all villagers in a sinhal village. They have killed prengant women and a 2 months child not even shooting but using axes(CUTING). More than 10 000 sinhala people have killed by LTTE. They do not want anything else but ruling power of north.(They already lost east) LTTEs first attack was dore appa one great tamil leader. They not only killed sinhala leaders but so many tamil leaders too. They killed any person who talk against them. People in north fear to talk aginst LTTE if they do so their families and life will go to heven as standing for truth. LTTE and their suppoters lie whloe world. They took advantages of some misleading politicain to gain their power.It doesn’t mean all them are same. Solution for this problem is finsh all tesrirort and give political solution to tamil people(not to LTTE). I can remember once they kill about 60 buddhist monks at aranthalawa while traveling on a bus. I am dissapointing to mention them as rebels they are truely tesrirort,creatures. LTTE must wipe out from sri lanka. All foreign nation should help sri lankan army to finish this war. Any tamil people can go any where of country but not sinhala and muslim people. They can even set foot northen people. LTTE killed so many sinhala people while occuping norhern area.Still they are doing so by bomb blasting at other areas of the country. Tamil people at north suffer o poverty because of LTTE as they don’t let goverment to devolop this areas. If they let they surely know not a single people stay with them. what they want is to let people to suffer and take advantage to join tesrirort.All must get together to wipe out LTTE and let all inocent tamil people to live free.Proud to be a sri lankan.Yours,Niranjan,(Totaly Sri lankan)

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