Srilanka Issue Rocked Rajya Sabha

Political parties lashed out at the Central Government in Rajya Sabha for not raising voice against the war crimes of Srilanka. Several allegations rose against Central Government. Many political parties submitted their opinions in this regard yesterday. The Political parties of Tamil Nadu condemn Srilanka for the War crimes they have been adopting against Srilankan Tamilians.

Rajya Sabha

ADMK member Maitreyan lashed out at the government for not doing anything for people of Tamil in Srilanka. He said Central Government did not notice the situation of Tamils in Srilanka. Srilanka is doing all the cruelty on Tamil people over there.

T.Raja, member of Indian Communist raised his accusation that Srilanka have been doing planned racial murders. He also insisted India to show its support to the Srilanka Tamilans.

DMK party member Trichy Siva said that they have lost the faith of Central Government in Srilanka issue. He pointed out the cruelty of Rajapakshe Government. Everyone blamed that India did not open its mouth against the war crime of Srilanka. They raised many allegations against Indian Government for keeping quite in this regard.

External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said the government has provided all the necessary assistance for the Tamil people in Srilanka. He said in this issue India couldnot consider Srilanka as an enemy country. He said action will be taken against the convict. The government respects the emotions of Tamil people in this regard and will take action on the accusation raised against Srilanka. He said, no decision have been taken about screening the documentary in the UN session taking place in Geneva. He said, not only people of Tamil nadu, people from all the countries are unhappy about the happenings to Tamil people in Srilanka.

Bharatha Janatha Party’s Vengaya Naidu said even though Srilanka is a friendly country of India, it is unfair to watch a young boy being killed by a Military Army. He asked India is doing many favours for Srilanka and it that case, why not India question Srilanka for the war crime. He also insisted Indian Government to make a honest and independent investigation regarding this issue. He demanded equal rights to Tamil people in Srilanka.

Gnanathesigan from congress said the war crimes committed by Srilanka are true and cannot be objected. Those who involved in the crime have to be punished. He also stipulate the Government to find proper solution for the Srilanka issue.

Other Political leaders also submitted their opinions in this regard. It was said in the Rajya Sabha that Srilanka problem should not be considered as problem of Tamil Nadu. It has to be deal like a national problem. The parties of Telugu pressed on taking this issue to the International Court for justice.
America is ready for raising voice against Srilanka in the UN Session in Geneva and India has been given pressure from all sides to take action against Srilanka.

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