Student’s Fasting Continues For Fourth Day

The hunger strike of students in Tamilnadu continues for the fourth day. The healths of the students are becoming worse. Nine students involved in fasting are admitted in hospital.

The students in Tamilnadu are protesting against Srilanka Government for the past four days. They involve in fasting insisting the Indian Government to announce Srilankan President Rajapaksha as War criminal and conduct an international investigation on the Srilankan Government. Students of various district are demonstrating against the war crimes of Srilanka.


The fasting of Chennai Ambedkar Law college Student reached its fourth day. 25 students involved in fasting from the Law college. The health condition of 4 of them became worse and they were admitted in Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Chennai. However, the students announced that their fasting will continue.

students health

The students of Annamalai University undergone fasting insisting the Indian Government to take resolution against Srilankan Government. About 34 students are in fasting. The University announced leave yesterday without intimating the date of reopen. 5 among them went unconscious yesterday and presently they are undergoing treatment in Hospital. As per now 29 students continue their fasting and stepped into 4th day of the strike.

Students of The New College of Chennai, Xavier College of Nellai, MDT Hindu College, Trichy and Coimbatore Law College, Mannar College of Pudukottai, Azhagapa Arts College of Sivagangai, Puducherry Law College involved in Hunger Strike against Srilanka and its war crimes. The students of Kumbakonam Government Arts College started their fasting from yesterday evening.

Students all over Tamilnadu wish India to vote against Srilanka and take resolution against the Government in the Union Nation Session in Geneva.

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