Students Strike Echoed in Parliament

The protestation of Students across Tamilnadu against Srilanka reflected in the parliament today. The Parliament members of Tamilnadu insisted the Central Government to interfere in this issue.


The protestation of Students has spread over Tamilnadu. They insisted the Government to take immediate action in this regard since 22nd of March is considered as the last date. They also said the decision taken in Union Nation session in Geneva is not upto the expectation. There are activities going on indirectly to lessen the resolution against Srilanka. The people of Tamilnadu will not make any compromise in this regard. The resolution taken in Union Nation session have to be made strong against Srilanka. The racial murder took place in Srilanka must be punished.

Trichy Siva, MP of DMK party said, the protestation of Students is an important issue to be considered. The students of various colleges in Tamilnadu are in fasting for about a week. They ignored their home, college, food and involved in protestation in the public places and roadsides. They demand the Central Government to take action against Srilanka on behalf of its own. They demand the Indian Government itself to make a strong resolution against Srilanka. Else, they wanted the Government to support the resolution taken in Union Nation Human Rights Session. The people and the students of Tamilnadu demand punishment to the Srilanka President Rajapaksha for the War crime and Human Rights Violation he adopted during the final Stage of the War.

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