Suchitra Leaks Private Pictures of Celebrities!

The Tamil radio host and one of the popular singer in the cinema industry Suchitra has been in the news for her recent tweets. Most of her tweets are targeting Dhanush, radio jockey-turned-comedian actor RJ Balaji, singer Chinmayi (@Chinmayi) and Vijay TV’s host DD aka Dhivyadharshini (@DD Neelakandan).

Suchitra Karthik has revealed pictures of actors Dhanush, Hansika Motwani, Andrea Jeremiah, music director Anirudh Ravichander (@anirudhofficial) and Dhivyadharshini from a private party. However, Suchitra had tweeted on Friday that her account was blocked. However, most of the private pictures & videos have been released already.

DD Leaked Video by Suchitra Karthik

Suchitra challenged Dhanush, Anirudh & Chinmayi to “deny this cheap act”, after having posted pictures those were allegedly taken from Dhanush’s phone. In a series of tweets, Suchitra (@SucitraKarthik) tweets, she hasn’t made any “adjustments” to come in to the industry and it is all her talent and performance that got the place where she is.

The account also shared a pornographic video of Soodhu Kavvum movie fame actress, Sanchita Shetty. Followed by this video the tweet asks people to download the video before it is deleted. The account later switched to “protected” mode on Saturday morning.

Reacting to her buzz around her tweets, Suchitra’s husband; actor Karthik Kumar has issued a video stating the entire situation. “People have been mentioning her tweets in not so positive way. I have been honest enough to tell them, it is indicative of a certain emotional state we are all trying to understand and address”, he said.

He also said that Suchitra’s account has not been blocked but she has some problem. Further, “All the people mentioned in the tweets have been patient enough to understand that this could happen to anyone and to not take it personally. I really value all of that. There is nothing personal in all of this and it is more indicative of whatever condition she is going through,” Karthik said.

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