T. Nagar is the Model Site for Chennai’s Smart City

Even though the heavy rain and floods have shattered the city’s commercial centre T Nagar, the corporation has finalized it as the centre for smart city plan.

The plan is expected to change the scenario of T Nagar into Pedestrian-friendly shopping area, with a safe and sound network of footpaths and cycle tracks. The deadline to submit ‘Smart city challenge Mission Proposal’ expired on last Tuesday, Tamilnadu has got an extension period till December 28 due to the floods. A parking management system to reduce illegal parking of vehicles is also expected to be designed by the civic body. The corporation officials have considered installing multi-level parking system.

This proposal have got a hearty welcome from the shoppers and visitors of T Nagar who are expecting a congestion free moving space.

Chennai's Smart City

According to the experts the smart city will fetch a new identity to T Nagar and will help get basics right. The list of first Twenty cities will be released next year for which ‘smart city mission proposal’ is needed. The selected city will be able to carry out the development works worth 1,000 crore over a period of five years.

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