Tamil Protest in Jaffna during Modi’s Visit!

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Jaffna today, Tamils who have lost their relatives have marched protest.

Narendra Modi, who is in Sri Lanka now went to Jaffna today. There he visited the Jaffna library which was burnt by the Sinhala extremists in 80s. This library was renovated later.

Subsequently, Modi has also met the Chief Minister for Northern Province, Vickneswaran and had talks.

During this visit by Narendra Modi, the relatives of missing Tamils in Sri Lanka have protested to bring his attention on this issue. This protest was held in Jaffna, on the way where Narendra Modi travelled.

This protest was held by the relatives those who have lost (missed) their kiths and kins after war. On behalf of the protesters, association of fishermen, farmers and rural labourers have participated as well.

Prime Minister Modi with Sri Lankan President

Earlier to this Narendra Modi has inaugurated the train service that was completed with assistance from Government of India. The railway link he inaugurated is between Madhavaachi and Thalaimannaar.

During this event, a petition was given to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on problems faced by the people on North, fishermen problem and political settlement etc.

This railway service has been started after 25-years. Thalaimannaar is a place which is very close to the Indian land.

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