Tax Exemption for Cycle Production Demanded Cycle Manufacturer

Tax exception for cycle, Cycle manufacturere deman Tax excemption

The best Vehicle which doesn’t causes any pollution to the environment is cycle. But usage of cycle is becoming less today. Even in remote villages the usage of Motor cycle increasing more. At this situation the cycle sale is dropping down. The cycle manufactures requested the Government for some concession.
To motivate the cycle production the manufacturers demanded the Government. The production tax for Bi- cycles in past two Budgets is affected the cycle production, they said. In India nearly 1 ½ crore cycles were produced per year in the current year it is reduced by 8%. A particular set of people is using it. To improve the cycle sale, it can be given in subsidiary rates to people under poverty line and it will be useful to them for doing small Business said the manufacturers. Apart from profit attained by a group of people it will be helpful in some other ways to the county. Usage of cycles helps in health fitness of man, save fuel and it helps to lessen environment pollution. At this stage to motivate the Usage of cycles if relaxation is announced in the coming budget, it will be welcome by many people.

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