Terrorist of Hyderabad- Suspected to be in Kanyakumari

The terrorist having link with the Hyderabad Bomb Blast are suspected to be in Kanyakumari. The Police are investigating this issue in Kanyakumari.

Hyderabad Blast

It was said that the terrorist entered Knayakumari through Kerala after the bomb blast. The Police are checking all the Guest Houses and Hotels in the State. And the Vehicles are checked at the borders of Kanyakumari. After checking for many hours, it was said nothing doubtful have been found and it the checking was stopped later.

Security is made tighten in Coimbatore district. The borders of Coimbatore have been thoroughly checked. Since more than a lakh of people get together in the Aranganathar Temple Festival in Karamadai, the security is becoming severe.

Checking takes place in Salem Railway station after anonymous secret information that explosives are taken by terrorist in the Kerala Express. All the passengers in the train and their luggage are checked by the police for about an hour. After confirmation of no explosives, the train started from the station. But still, checking were done even in Erode, Coimbatore and other Railway stations and thus Kerala Express reached 6 hours delay.

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