Thalaiva Film to be Released on this 20th beyond Controversies

Ace actor Vijay’s upcoming film Thalaiva will be released on 20th of this month. After huge controversies film Thalaiva is coming to hit big screens and enthrall all the Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay Fans.

Yesterday in theaters first booking began. Film Thalaiva is actually planned to be released on Aug 9. Due to an anonymous bomb threatening for the film Thalaiva, release date has been postponed. But the film has released in the places like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Mumbai and abroad also as planned on Aug 9.

Thalaiva film to be released on this 20th beyond Controversies

Story of the film depicts the family story of mine, case was filed by an individual in Thirunelveli court. Meanwhile, tension aroused that the film has political-related scenes. After several controversies film is all free to set into action release on tomorrow.

Sudden change of image in advertising:
Vijay starrer Thalaiva advertisement has scripted “Time to Lead” in English below the title ‘Thailava’. “It’s the right time to politics” there was a talk among the audience. So to stop all controversies and to release the film successfully ” Time to Lead’ text has been removed from the advertisement.

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