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Watch Thanthi TV News Live Online

The emergence of vernacular television channels live in on rising these days With hundreds of different channels in various dialects are coming up, it is because people are showing interest in it. According to Census of India, the total number of mother tongues spoken in India is 1652. However, only around 150 languages have a sizable speaking population. So you can definitely imagine the rate of the number of channels others than Hindi and English. It is in demand, so the broadcasters are preferring to serve people with such channels. When it comes to the Tamil Nadu state there are more than 50 channels that are run only in Tamil in different genres like music, kids, science, entertainment, movies, news to name a few. Also, most of them have their online versions as well. And one of the most popular of the lot is the Thanthi TV live or Thanthi tv live news. So if you are looking to watch Thanthi TV online or Thanthi news online or Thanthi news live then there are many options available. The live Thanthi TV is considered as one of the best options as you can watch it from anywhere.

The emergence of regional channels

There is no doubt about the fact that the advertisers look up to Hindi channels when it comes to the advertisements, as it is watched by everyone. This is because the Hindi channels always have a high budget show that everyone prefers to watch. But the scenario has changed a bit now. Be it drama, mystery, horror, mythology, fiction, reality show, or any other type, the broadcasters are paying big bucks to extract those programmes to their regional channels.

Regional channels have made their presence felt nationwide with a widening viewership and to top it all, the Tamil TV industry is considered as one of the dominated ones when it comes to the regional channels. Tamil Nadu comes under top 4 BARC markets with 90% of regional consumption of the content. According to BARC India, viewers of the south have a larger appetite for news as compared to the Hindi speaking crowd.

Tamil channels contribute to the biggest share of 25.7% when it comes to local viewership. This is followed by Telegu with 24.4%, Kannada 11.6%, Malayalam 9.2%, Bengali 6.6%, Marathi 4.6% and Oriya 2.6%

What is Thanthi TV? How to Watch Thanthi TV on the Internet?

Thanthi TV is owned by the Daily Thanthi group which is one of the largest media conglomerates in Tamil Nadu. It has a wide spread of leading brands in print, radio, television, and IPTV. The channel has been playing a key role in raising the bar in Tamil Nadu television industry and also around the country.
Thanthi TV has also been awarded the National Media Award for the “Best Campaign on Voter Education and Awareness” from the President of India. The campaign was focused on encouraging the ethical voting among the Tamil Nadu people and increase the electoral participation in the Tamil Nadu Assembly of 2016.

History of Live Thanthi TV Tamil channel

When NDTV Hindu was launched in 2009, it was owned by NDTV and The Hindu Group. The channel was started as a Chennai city-specific English news and entertainment channel. It was broadcasted only in Chennai. After few years, Dina Thanthi group captured NDTV Hindu and renamed the channel as Thanthi TV. Initially, the channel was just Chennai specific, but after the complete acquisition is the channel, it was spread all over Tamil Nadu.

DTH Service providers for Thanthi TV News across India

Thanthi TV is a Free to Air (FTA) channel available on all major DTH platforms and Cable / MSO Networks in Tamil Nadu and on all major MSO Networks across India and worldwide. Instant news updates from Thanthi TV are also delivered through our website www.thanthitv.com and on various social media platforms.

The channel is provided by the DTH service providers across India includes Airtel, Videocon, Sun Direct, Tata Sky, Dish TV, Big Tv to name a few. The channel is provided by the DTH service providers across Tamil Nadu Includes AMN TV, JAK, LCN 125, Aadhar, SCV, TCCL, Crystal, ACV, MV Digital Network, e-vision to name a few.

The website of Thanthi TV has 5 different sections of Thanthi tv newsgroup that have the inclusion of Cinema, Political, World, India, Game. In these sections, the TV channel showcases various news related to it. It also has a section of current news where all the latest news of Tamil Nadu are updated from time to time.

Watch Popular shows Live on Thanthi TV

One of the channel’s most watched shows is the Kelvikenna Bathil (What is the answer to the question) show, where the show’s host, Rangaraj Pandey, interviews various leaders in Tamil Nadu, mainly political leaders. Some of its interviewed people include Narendra Modi.

Other popular shows include:

  • Arithmetic Character
  • Documentary
  • Thru
  • People Forum
  • Tiraikatal
  • 7 ½
  • Internet Generation
  • Telling the feet
  • 10:30 pm view
  • The stadium
  • Yaday is a town
  • One nation
  • Housefull
  • Naam Nadu
  • Trips are not complete
  • With love
  • Sports
  • People who are on the page

Social media presence of Thanthi TV News live

Thanthi TV channel is having a good presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and keep on updating all the platforms from time to time. Though the details that are uploaded on these social media channels are in Tamil language, so it is a bit difficult for the people who do not Tamil. But overall, the updates are really good, mostly the Facebook page comprises of details from the political and entertainment world. Also, when it comes to Facebook, it has an option of translation, so one can translate the caption and read it into English. The Facebook page is liked by more than 3 lakh people, which means that people are following the channel with quite an interest.

You can also watch the Thanthi news live online directly on the website of the Thai channel. The website which has been revamped recently has a complete information on its very first page. It has a separate section of the previous shows and the upcoming shows. Also, it has a separate column of important messages which has the latest updates of the news.
Support to “Citizen Journalism”

When it comes to making the citizens aware, Thanthi TV is not behind anyone. It encourages the common man to come up with some news. The website of Thanthi TV has a separate section altogether in its introductory page, where anyone can register and upload an article of at least 250 words with a proper title and a photograph. Also, a video can be uploaded along with a 100-word description of it. So it is nothing but giving a push to the citizen journalism so that people will become aware regarding the whereabouts in their area.

Online options to watch Thanthi TV News Live

Though you can watch Thathi TV on television directly, also you can watch it online since there are many online options available to you. Firstly, you can download the Thanthi TV application from Google play store or Apple play store. The application is capable of giving a whole new experience to its users on the go just like a television. The application has the inclusion of the current shows and also the other many shows based on its popularity and demand. The design made is really user-friendly. I have various features like setting up a reminder if you want to watch a specific show. It also has the option of sharing the video if you want other people to watch it. So basically, the application is made to give the users an enhanced experience just like how they can get on a television.

If you are using the updated version of the Thanthi TV live mobile application then I have more convenience included. Now it has bookmark features and also the categorical segments. The application has the feature of commenting as well in order to bring in more interactivity for the content that the channel is providing. There is a notification hub where you get each and every information in one go in case you have missed anything.

You can even find the channel on the Microsoft store from where you can download the application for your computer. And that seems like a good idea as you can just watch it like a television on your computer with enhanced features which are just a click away.

You can watch Thanthi TV on following websites as well:
tamilnetonline.com (Watch Thanthi TV Live)

Not only this, Thanthi TV has also partnered with BBC World Service. And user this partnership, they have launched BBC Tamil TV news bulletins that get broadcasted on Thanthi TV channel. BBC is the pioneer broadcaster to offer Tamil language TV content. The Tamil TV programmes take care of BBC’s global news network covering politics, economy, business, entertainment, culture and human-interest stories. The content is also available on radio, online via bbctamil.com and through mobile devices. BBC Tamil is now a major part of BBC World Service.

A survey was conducted by BBC in the year 2015 and 2016 than 8.2 million people watch the BBC Tamil news bulletins on Thanthi TV in Tamil Nadu every week.

Thanthi TV is doing nothing but the old school thing, if you want to win people’s heart talk in their regional language and talk substance. And the channel is aiming to become the top Tamil channel in the near future with its high-quality implementation of the plans.

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