They Should be Spared From Death: Says Muthulakshmi

The hanging of Veerappan Associates has been halted by the Supreme Court on account of the petition filed for the cancellation of the Death penalty for the four associates of Veerappan yesterday. Belgaum jail officials said that no order has been received to execute the penalty for them.

In this case, a confusion whether they will be hanged or not is prevailing among everyone. Karnataka Home Minister insists the execution of punishment for the associates of Veerappan and on the other hand, Muthulakshmi, wife of the Sandal Wood Smuggler Veerappan demands not to hang them.

Veerapan's wife

The aides of Veerappan namely Gnanaprakasam, Simon, Meesai mathayan, and Bilavendran are accused for killing 22 people in a landmine blast in the year 1993. They had given a Death punishment by the Supreme Court. The mercy plea of the four sent to Pranab Mukherjee got rejected. Yesterday a petition is filed before the Supreme Court for cancellation of their death penalty. The Supreme Court ordered an interim stay for their hanging till Wednesday. The case is coming for enquiry on Wednesday.

Muthulakshmi demands Central Government to cancel the death sentence of the Veerappan Associates. Karnataka Home Minister claims that in order to establish law and order, the Death punishment of the four associates of Veerappan have to be executed. He alleged that Veerappan and his companions involved in smuggling and they had also killed many people and wildlife.

Many political parties are insisting that this execution should not occur. But Karanataka Government are keen in hanging them. Noose for Veerappan Associates is in the hand of Supreme Court. And now the lives of the Veerappan Associates are waiting for order from Supreme Court.

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