Thiruvalluvar University Vice Chancellor Room Fired: Files Burnt

Vellore: In Thiruvalluvar University, unidentified culprits have burnt about 15 important files purposely. Also, few more important files are missing. These important files were maintain in the steel almirah in Vice chancellor Dr P. Gunasekaran’s room.

Vice Chancellor office is in the first floor of the administrative block and had no security guards. Vice chancellor Dr P. Gunasekaran says that he could not able to identify the person who has involved in this activity also he don’t know for what reason those important files were burnt. He said only after thorough police investigation which files are missing will be known.

Thiruvalluvar University Vice Chancellor Room Fired: Files Burnt

Sweeper working in the administrative block reported that burnt smells comes out of Vice Chancellor room. Then, when all rushed to the room many files were burnt and other half-burnt remaining files were thrown on the ground.

Police said that forensic experts have obtained finger prints from the crime scene and further investigations are proceeding.

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