Tirupati Border Closed for 48-hours | Telugana Protestors

To raise the protestation against Telangana issue, Combined Andhra Joint Committee has announced that Tirupathi border will be kept closed for today and tomorrow.

To set up a separate Telangana excluding Andhra Pradesh, coastal Andhra Pradesh, Rayalaseema region people are protesting against it for the past one month period.

Tirupati Border Closed for 48-hours | Telugana Protestors

As the protestation is going severe, Tirupati border closure is announced. So, protesters have planned to seal off Tirupati borders for today and tomorrmow. No one will be allowed to enter into the Tirupati.

Protesting groups have announced bus and train transportation from down Tirupati to Tirumala also will be stopped.

No permission will be given to keep open of educational institutions, commercial companies, shops in Tirupati. So, Devotes are requested not to visit Tirupati for today and tomorrow.

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