TN Colleges Reopen Today

students protestation

The colleges in Tamilnadu that are closed due to the protestation against Srilanka issue are reopening today. The students of Tamilnadu colleges decided to go to College and attend classes due to examinations. At the same time, they have also decided to continue their protestation in such a way their demonstration against Srilanka do not affect their studies and career.

Therefore the students have decided to go to college wearing a Black Badge. They continue their protestation with a black badge showing their protestation against Srilanka. The students of Tamilnadu protested against Srilanka placing demands that Srilanka President Rajapaksha who killed hundreds of innocent Tamil people has to be announced as War Criminal. They insist Indian Government to bring strong resolution against Srilanka.

Since the protestation of the students hit across Tamilnadu in various districts, the colleges in Tamilnadu have been closed indefinitely. And now, due to the forthcoming examinations, the Colleges reopen today and the students decided to continue their protest without spoiling their studies

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