Top 5 Summer Season Fruits for Weight Loss

Do you know that you can lose weight easily in summer than in winters? Yes, summer is the best time to lose weight. Chill out scorching summer heat with the best summer season fruits. These watery fruit diet for weight loss is a main part of summer weight loss program. Summer season fruits are very delicious, watery, juicy, healthy and fat free.

Watermelon, mangoes, plums, papaya, guava and lemon are the top 5 summer season fruits for weight loss. Eating these summer season fruits gives guaranteed weight loss results.

#1: Watermelon: Watermelon is one of the top healthy summer season fruit that helps excellently for weight loss. Watermelons are high in water content. 95% of water in watermelons keeps you highly hydrated and body cool. It is low calorie, zero fat fruit which is healthy. Enjoy juicy watermelons to lose weight fast this summer.

Tip: Eat a big bowl full of watermelons before breakfast and lunch. It helps to reduce body weight fast this summer.

#2: Lemon

Citric acid rich lemons are best fat burner. It crushes bad fats excellently and helps to quick weight loss. Sipping lemon squeezed water although the day in summer season is the way to lose weight. Also, it keeps body super cooling. Drinking lemon juice at mid noon helps more for weight loss this summer.

#3: Papaya:

Papaya fruit is low in fats, calories and cholesterol which is a best fruit for summer weight loss diet. Also, eating papaya during summer prevents bloating, constipation and gas troubles. Papaya fruit for weight loss is a perfect idea as it a excellent fat burner. So, enjoy papaya for weight loss.

Fruits that helps to lose weight in summer

#4: Plum:

PIum is one of the top citric fruit. It also helps for natural detoxification process. Eating plums burn unwanted fat deposits and also flushes bad toxins from the body. Plum is the best weight loss fruit. It is easily available during summer season.

#5: Guava

Guava fruit are liked by many because of its unique taste. Another reason why you should eat guava for summer is, it a best weight loss fruit. Guava is rich in potassium, low in sugar. It is an excellent fruit to control unusual appetite and cravings. Guava is the best fruit for diabetics too.

#6: Mangoes

King of fruits ‘Mango’ is everyone’s favorite. Pulpy, juicy mangoes are the delighting fruit which gives many health benefits. Many say eating mangoes puts on weight. Though are mixed responses on mango and weight loss, it is better to eat in moderation. Health experts say eating mangoes in limited amounts helps for weight loss.

Enjoy these top 5 summer season fruits for weight loss. Stay fit and cool this summer!

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