Top reasons why Bollywood is making flops

Bollywood fans are waiting for good films. There are no hit films from the start of the year. Both big and small films are coming. Some of the big films have failed and small films had little crowd.


Film audience had enough of remake films. Recently there were remakes from southern hits. Audience expects something new, creative and interesting and not the same masala anymore. Their taste is getting changed and they want simply new!

The directors like Sajid Nadiadwala have understood the trend that audience want something more even if it is going to be a remake.

But not all directors think in the same manner. Some do remakes exactly the same as the original without much change could be the reasons why bollywood is making flops.

Trustworthiness of films

Nowadays people first check the credibility of the film with others through the social media that is available for them in hand. They are making it sure about the success of the film before watching it. Good films get the advantage from these social media.

Why Bollywood Flops

Big or small films nothing is spared by the social media. Only from their feedbacks the films get their responses.


Audience will not mind paying for ticket if it is going to be a good movie. But nowadays the cost of refreshments inside the theatres/malls is very high compared to the movie tickets. The middle class would happily see the movie at home with good healthy refreshments and with little money to spend for DVDs.

Nowadays cinemas are not the only options available to spend the time. People started spending their weekend in malls, cafes, clubs and restaurants. The money that that needs tobe spent in cinemas are getting in spent in other avenues.

Ease of access

Nowadays the films are easily available in pirated DVDs, satellite medium or through internet download. Televisions have started to broadcast the new films whether big or small within a span of 4 to 8 weeks. Audiences have a choice of watching the movie at their own convenience.

Film which loses 50% or more of its investment is considered flop. It is expected that the directors would have analyzed the top reasons why bollywood is making flops and would give good films for the audience!

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