Trisha says “I will definitely to get into Love Marriage”

In both Tamil and Telugu Actress Trisha has shining like a gem out of all in last 10 years. This Busy Bee actress gave a special interview.

* How you sustain your position in the Film Industry last ten years?
This happens because of all directors who chose me for their films. Am so thankful to all of them and also stories of the films were liked by my fans. Still, in Tamil, Telugu am very busy. Beyond this, for my hard work pays me this unbeatable place in the industry.

Trisha tweets “I will definitely to get into Love Marriage”

* When will be your marriage?
There is no particular plans about my marriage. When I find right time will just get married.

* Love or Arranged marriage?
Of course, I believe in love marriage and will also get into love marriage. I will get married to one who knows well about me and one who cares me lot. To make all this happen I have to get love marriage.

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