Vijayakanth condemns Suspension of MLAs

Vijayakanth, leader of DMDK condemns the suspension of DMDK MLAs from the Legislative Assembly for one year. 6 MLAs of Desiya Murpoku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) political party have been suspended from the Legislative Assembly by the Assembly Speaker yesterday. The Leader of DMDK party, Vijayakanth announced public meeting condemning the suspension of MLAs from the Assembly on 30th of this month.


In the report regarding this, he stated that clashes and conflicts occur not only in the Tamilnadu Assembly, but also in other Democratic associations. The maximum penalty given to a person involved in conflict is suspension to a series of meeting in the assembly. But this incident that has happened yesterday is something that had never happened in the history of Assembly. He said, suspending the MLAs for a year is something atrocious. The alleged MLAs are not investigated and they were not even permitted to talk in the Assembly.

He also stated that suspending someone from the Assembly is unfair and it is violation of the rules. He said that this action against the MLAs is against the Democracy. He said that the Assembly has taken this action against the MLAs of DMDK is purposely made.

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