Watch phone – Wear Smart Watch at your wrist

Wear the watch around your wrist. This technology seems to be incredible. The four student’s extra ordinary efforts as turned to amazing technology. The students came with the great idea of wearable phone in the size and the design of the wrist watch. They named the technology has smart watch. The size of the watch is around 2 inch screen and embedded with the 2 MP camera in it. It is equipped with the earlier version of android operating system.

Watch phone – Wear at your wrist

The smart has in built speakers, mic and camera in it. It is body is very compact so that it exactly fix in the place of the wrist. USB socket is available at the wrist strap through which the smart watch can be charged.

Watch phone – Wear at your wrist

Four students among them one is a software developer and they dedicatedly worked crazy to bring out the smart watch. Many MNC’s are working on this technology to come up. This modern world expects something new all time. A prototype of watch is employed in the form of technology is the high light of this innovation. It is greatly expected by many people for launch of the smart watch.

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