Who is the Next Pope: Bishops Discussing Today

Appointing next work started, Bishops meeting for dicussion

Initial work for appointing the next Pope of catholic religion is started. The Bishops from all over the world arrived in Vatican City and Bishops discussion meeting is going on today.

The meeting will be conducted under the head of Bishop Teen Angello Sodana. The Bishops will introduce themselves to each others. It was come to known that Bishops will discuss about the reason for reduce in religious belief and enquiry relating to the secret release of 16th Benedict research report.

As per the Vatican time 2nd meeting of Bishops will be held in the evening. It was expected that new pope will be appointed before Palm Sunday on March 24. In all over the world more than 140 cardinals is there, in that 115 cardinals who were less then 80 years are qualified to appoint the next Pope. The 16th Benedict resigned on 28th of last month.

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