Why to Soak Almonds in Water Overnight?

Almonds are the worlds’ healthiest nuts among all other nuts. Almonds or badam contains more health values such as protein, fiber, vitamin E and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

Now, most people getting aware of health benefits of eating almonds and adding it in daily diet. Eating almonds helps to take care of whole body from hair to feet.

Generally it said that almonds should be soaked in water overnight before eating. Why to Soak Almonds in Water Overnight?

Almonds should be peeled why? Have you noticed that few people eat almonds soaked in water overnight? Very few people knows why almonds are soaked in water. You can also eat dry almonds but health experts say eating dry almonds will reduce its nutritional value. Firstly know the reasons why to soak almonds in water overnight?

Reasons to soak almonds in water overnight 

A famous dietitian Raksha says eating dry almonds is a wrong practice. Brown peel of almonds should be peeled off before eating. Because brown peel or outer layer of almonds contain tannin acid which reduces nutrient value of almonds. So, it is advised to eat almonds soaked in water overnight after peeling brown skin off. Soaked almonds are healthier than dry almonds.

Why to soak almonds before eating

Stomach Pain after Eating Raw Almonds

Almonds contains many healthy nutrients. Some people may experience sudden effects after eating raw almonds. Effects such as mild or severe abdominal pain, stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, light-headedness and nasal congestion.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases reports that food allergies will get worse if a person exercise within two hours of eating almonds. People who face effects after eating raw almonds can go for soaked almonds. Still if they experience bad effects it is best advised to discontinue eating almonds.

How To Soak Almonds in water overnight?

Soak 4-5 almonds in a cup of water overnight. Leave it closed for 8 hours and peel off the brown almonds skin. Consume the well soaked almonds in the morning. Ideally a normal person can eat 4-5 soaked almonds everyday to stay healthy. Kids can eat 5-6 soaked almonds a day.

Almond Sprouts

What is sprouted almonds? As like we prepare sprouts one can prepare almond sprouts by soaking it in water for 12-15 hours. Peel of the brown skin and store in the container and eat 4-5 almonds everyday. Almond sprouts are healthier than soaked almonds.

Snack almonds everyday and stay fit and healthy.

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