Will Death Sentence be cancelled? – Veerappan Aides approach Supreme Court

Veerappan aides

Veerappan Associates are given Death Punishment by Supreme Court on account of killing 22 people including Police officers in landmine blast in 1993. The Amnesty and other groups are opposing this penalty and demanding mercy plea for them. A mercy petition was sent to the President to spare them life. But unfortunately, their mercy pleas got rejected by Pranab Mukherjee on 11th of this month. The associates of Veerappan namely Gnanaprakasam, Simon, Meesai maathaiyan, and Bilavendiran are jailed in Belgaum Jail, Karnataka. It is said that their Death Penalty will be executed in 14 days.

As it is like this, the offender’s party attempted to submit an Emergency petition to cancel the penalty on Saturday. But it was rejected to take as Emergency petition by Altamas Kabir, the chief justice of Supreme Court. Therefore, today a petition is to be submitted in the Supreme Court to cancel their Death punishment. The families of the convicted are in a fear and they ask to spare life for them. The Indian Communist Party also demands cancellation of the Death sentence. Everyone is waiting to know whether hanging will be cancelled or executed.

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