Will not act in horror/ghost movies continuously! – LakshmiRai

LakshmiRai is doing the film “Soucharpetai” which is a movie on ghost. She and earlier acted in the films “Kanchana” and “Aranmanai” which were also the movies with ghost. In this film “Soucharpetai”, the movie is about how the ghosts are formed in that place. Srikanth is the Hero for the film.

She has been acting in the horror films continuously. After acting in the film “Aranmamai” she had went to New Zealand. When asked about this, she says her ambition is to do Skooba diving (diving under the sea), sky diving, etc. I had to perform all these.

I had taken proper coaching on these and had done all these in New Zealand. Soon the photos will be released.

After “Aranmanai” I had come across 11 stories, all were horror stories! Now I am doing this film “Soucharpetai”. She also said that she would not continue doing the same type of movies!

Vadivudaiyan is the director for the film “Soucharpetai”. Now there is a trend for fantasy horror movies. The film is about the ghosts in Soucharpet area. Every street has a story of the ghost! The film is about money and ghost and if they go together what will happen… There is a suspense that who is a ghost whether the hero Srikanth or the heroine LakshmiRai. But they are the lovers in the film!

Rai Lakshmi Denies Ghost Roles

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