Youngsters Immersed into the Facebook?

The arrival of mobile phones, internets have greatly influenced many people life in their changes in social behavior. More people who participate in these activities are younger generation people. The wondrous thing about this is, they don’t even know anything about the people who live in their next house, but they know more above the friends in America or other countries through internet.
International air travelers association (IATA) has conducted the recent survey. As this survey reveals that, most young generation air travelers spend their traveling time in chatting in social network sites (SNS) like face book. They are not indulging themselves in any sort of conservation even with the one who sits with them.
Youngsters immersed into the face book?
The IATA also says that, 75% people in the age group of 18 to 24 pass their traveling time only in chatting in face book. Only 7% of people spend time in communicating with those who travel with them.
The travelers have shared their opinion that, waiting so much time for Security Checking in the airports makes the people irritated in the air travel.

The IATA Survey says that, on the average of all air travelers 41% spend their traveling time in watching films and 21% read books and 17% in sleeping.
All the SNS (Social Networking sites) are useful to us in many ways. Especially maintaining good relationship with friends, sharing information, passing messages and much more advantages are there for using the SNS. Do it purposively and getting guided by ourselves in a right way will certainly help to maintaining the personal ethics.

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